About Us

Photo of Debbie and Kent Shaw


Shaw Custom Builders was started by Kent Shaw in 1986. He had a vision to build quality, specialty homes for his clients. Kent has proven to be a remarkable home builder whose reputation speaks for itself.

The business transformed into Kent Shaw and Sons Construction Inc. also known as Shaw Custom Builders, when his three sons showed interest in continuing the family legacy of building custom homes.

The Shaw family takes pride in the homes they build. They specialize in custom home design. They will work with you to create your perfect home. Shaw Custom Builders only uses the highest quality building materials. They pay extremely close attention to every last detail of building your home.

Personalized Approach

Each of our homes are custom designed with the specific needs our our customers in mind. We like to give homeowners a sense of satisfaction that their home is unique and something to be proud of.

With Shaw Custom Builders you will get the home you’ve always dreamed of because of the superior construction we provide. You can begin with one of our plans, bring one you like, or work with them to create a special and unique plan.

Photo of Troutman, NC

Not Just Customers, Neighbors Too

Troutman, NC, has been the home of the Shaw family and our business for many years. Many of our customers have become friends of ours in the community. At Shaw Custom Builders, we know that we’re not just building home for customers; we’re building homes for our neighbors.

That’s why we build each home with the same care and concern for quality that we’d put into our own home.

The Shaw Custom Team

Everyone who works for us and with us is part of the Shaw Custom Team. We share equally in the pride of a job done right and dream brought to life. When you put your home in our hands, you can be assured that no detail will be overlooked and no work will be less than the best. Our reputation rests on your satisfaction!

Our Guarantee

You will be more than satisfied with your experience with Shaw Custom Builders. We will work with you personally to build the home of your dreams.